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Japan Car Exporters – Exporting Cars Through Auto Auction

Car Auction

Car Auction

How are used Japanese cars exported? The simplest answer you can come up with is they are delivered by shipment from the land where it came from. But commonly cars that are being shipped should be new. The used cars that are being shipped from other countries are generally bought from car auctions. Most people who wants to own a car choose to pick used cars first rather than the brand new ones because of various reasons such as budget or they simply want to have used cars that are brought by Japan car exporters. There are plenty of exporters around the world. You will see a lot of used Japanese cars at places where used cars are being sold. They are being exported there from where the owner of that business bought the cars in bulk.

Individuals who wish to buy cars directly from Japan car exporters are not allowed. This is because they are bought through an auction and Japan has strict regulations when they send out their cars to other countries, especially when they are slightly used. Only members can buy cars from auction sites and becoming a member has requirements as well. Below are some of the basic functions of being  a buyer at these auction sites.

Japan Car Exporters

Japan Car Exporters

Since only members can buy cars from Japan car exporters, you will need to be a member. Becoming a member requires that your business is registered in Japan and that you have a property as collateral. You also need a Japanese citizen guarantor who owns a property as well. If you fit within this description, you are qualified in becoming a member.

  • Members then find auction sites online to buy used cars. You can also visit the auction site personally but the system works the same. Online will make you save time visiting the site and you can get to see the cars based on the pictures.
  •  Members sign up for an account in order to buy cars. If you are a beginner and are not sure what to do, most auction sites provide a trial period of a few weeks for free in order for beginners to try out and familiarize the process of buying used cars through an auction.
    Car auction

    Car auction

    An auction usually lasts less than a minute per car. That is why you need to have a quick eye and at the same time act rationally in order not to overpay a single car.

An auction bidding ends with five different outcomes. The first is the outcome which everyone looks for the auction site you joined as well as bought the car through the live bidding. The next one is when the car is bought by others in live bidding. Passed outcome is when the car has failed to fit the reserve. Negotiation is when the auction site negotiates the budget for the car. Removed cars are those that have not completed documentation or other reasons why the car can’t be sold. The Japan car exporters will be the one to ship the cars that you bought to where you live.

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